Annual Meeting MRRD - NORAD and Mid-Term Review, 14th March 2014

Brief outline of presentations and disscussions




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The Annual Meeting was arranged in Oslo in NORAD office. However, MRRD was responsible for the meeting and thus chairing the meeting and taking Minutes.

Kim Kristmoen, NORAD, welcomed the Afghan Delegation headed by Deputy Minister Tariq Ismati.

Present were Kim Kristmoen NORAD. M. A. Safi, MRRD, Deputy Minister T. Ismati, Dir Ghulam Qader., Ruwatsip, MRRD. From Norplan; Team leader S. Stoveland and deputy N. Abrar,. David Heywood from COWI presented his mid term findings report.

Presentation by Director Ghulam Qader, MRRD
Dir Ghulam Qader presented the general framework for the project, project progress and how the project fits into the MRRD activity schedules.

Project Progress by National Adviser M. A. Safi
Safi presented general project progress with focus and comments on technical issues.

Presentation Mid Term Review by David Heywood, COWI

David Heywood presented his finding based on visit to Kabul the previous week and after having been in contact with close to 80 persons associated with the project.

In summary, the conclusion is that the project is doing well and classified as satisfactory. It was recommended to continue and extended till the end of 2015

Project status and progress, but Svein Stoveland, team leader, NORPLAN
Dr. Stoveland, Norplan summarize the project progress. The progress is good, training is going well with 22 training courses completed. The project is behind schedule but about 50% complete with about 50% of the budget utilized so there are all reasons to believe that the project can be completed satisfactory within the available financial framework. ( Note presentation is heavy, 8 MB PDF.)

Discussions and issues for follow up.

The general comments were that the project was quite satisfactory. The training is doing very well and the hydrogeological surveys with the drafting of the hydrogeological atlas is very good. The development of the GIS unit with the development of maps has a slow start but is doing well now but about 1 year behind schedule. Now the developed system will be expanded and tested in other provinces.

Design of water supply for three towns have not moved. This is a problem because the project does not have funds for more that planning of water and sanitation facilities in the towns but not for construction. It is difficult to move into towns to plan activities without producing or promising any physical outputs. Expectation in Faryab is high and expectation management vis-a-vis Faryab has been difficult for this project.

It as agreed that MRRD would discuss with NORPLAN if there were need for any changes to the planned training program or to the proposed budget. MRRD should report back to NORAD so that agreement could be made about activities and way forward.

It as agreed that the Annual Meeting for 2014 would be held in Kabul in November this year,