Annual Meeting MRRD - NORAD in Kabul, 25th November 2014

Brief outline of presentations and disscussions






Presentation by Director Ghulam Qader, MRRD

Dir. Qader presented the project ideas, general status and progress. He highlighed the achievements and imporance in the important task of mapping to find drinking water for the large population in Afghanistan.

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Project Progress by National Adviser M. A. Safi
From Left, Kim Kristmoen, NORAD, Deputy Minister Tarriq Ismati, MRRD, Dir. Ghulam Qader and project coordinatiorEng. M.A Safi, MRRD.

Left: Nina Hal Scheldrup represented the Norwegian Embassy and development program funding, but also being the host for the meeting which was held held at the facilities of the Norwegian embassy for security reasons.

Nina informed that the Norwegian Ministry of foreign Affairs (MFA) were waiting for which strategies and policies the new government would be following.

Norway would work closely with the GOF to support development. About 50&% if the Norwegian support was channeled to Government with "on budget" support, extensively though ARTF.

Director Qader reminded Nina Hal Scheldrup that she had a old invitation for lunch with senior management in MRRD which should soonest be followed up. It would be good and nice to follow up now soon and MRRD would be very happy to receive the Norwegians in MRRD.

Presenting Progress. NORPLAN,.

Dr. Stoveland, Norplan summarize the project progress. The progress is good, training is going well with4 training courses completed. The project is behind schedule but about 76% complete. Drilling in full progress in Faryab, and well logger under assembly for use. New Web map systems have been developed showing very good presentations. NORPLAN is proud of the progress jointly achieved with its partners, MRRD and DACCCR. ( Note presentation is heavy, 10 MB PDF.) See presentation ( pdf)

Project status and progress, but Svein Stoveland, team leader, NORPLAN

Dr. Stoveland, team leader, NORPLAN reporting. From left, Leendert Vijselaar from DACAAR, (DACAAR is project partner with NORPLAN for this project. Next, Naqibullah Abrar, Svein Stoveland and Prof. Eqrar from Norplan. Prof. Eqrar is also working at Kabul University. To the right Fariba Arzhung ( Communication Adviser in RuWatSIP) also taking minutes.



A status report for training output was presented to the Annual Meeting.

The document listed list of names for 318 participants attending more 34 training courses. A total of 697 course-participants had benefited from the training. Staff from about 43 organizations had benefited.

The progress report includes summary overview, charts etc. of where each participants work while the lists contained in the training output document contains all names and details.

See document "Training and Capacity building"


Progress report, with focus on 2014 till July 2014.

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General summary of discussions. - Minutes will follow.
Discussions and summaries:

The project is generally progressing well. Both MRRD and NORAD expressed satisfaction with the results.

The project should continue to finalize by the end of 2015. It was suggested that efforts should be made to assure that the project and its lessons should continue and be developed further.

It was agreed that the project TOR was not very appropriate to include the design for 3 towns without also providing funding for construction of designed facilities. It would be inappropriate to move into towns and start planning water supplies with the communities without being able to deliver actual services. Generating expectations of water supply services by proceeding with planning without immediate follow up with development of services would generate a very difficult and bad situation for the local people. So for the time being it the planning for the three towns was agreed left out unless funding became available for implementation.

Funding for implementation of the pilot designs are not part of the current project. However, as all parties agreed that designing pilots for water supply in three towns should not commence unless funding for implementation has been secured. It was proposed that Norad should follow-up and explore alternative sources of financing.

Some questions were left to follow up such as follow up institutional corporation with Norwegian institutions visited earlier this year like NGU, NIVA and University of Life Sciences (UMB).

It was indicate that since the project was moving into its last year of implementation, the next follow up meeting between MRRD and NORAD should take place in about 6 months time for best possible facilitating for best possible handing over and follow up of project activities with other projects or organizations.



Annual Meeting in ended with lunch hosted by Minister Councilor Kjell-Gunnar Eriksen at in the Residence of the Norwegian Ambassador in Kabul.

The Deputy Minister expressed great appreciation to The Norwegian Embassy in Kabul and to NORAD for the hosting of this meeting and for the very good Norwegian support to Afghanistan.