Activity Overview

In the text below the key activies to be covered by the project are outlined. The activitiew serve at least two purposes, namely to develop tools and guideline reports for identifying water sources for the Faryab province but the process in finding the data and precessing these also constitutes an imporant part of training and capacity building for future replication. Thus taken time to do this properly makes the foudations stronger for future sustainabioity and for replication of activities to cover all of Afghanistan

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GIS- MIS activities:


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Desktop data collection:

The starting point for the hydrogological survey planning for Faryab covered searching for existing information from the area. The information was collecte from the following sources

  • Collection of existing geological and hydrogeological maps
  • Collection of hydrogeological data from existing water point databases including DACAAR and WSG databases
  • Collect drinning information from MRRD, and other organizations who has worked in Faryab


Field surveys:


Develping provindial survey methodology:


Equipment engaged for survey:


Reporting and reports:


GIS System development


Survey current sectro data soures


Survey existing databases and system


Water Supply Survey and Design


Survey of possible sites


Training and Capacuty Building


Training need assessemnt

Development of training course programme
Cource syllabuses
Guidelines to presenters

Management of Project Activities

Establishing project office and facilitens
Procurement of equipment and services