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In this section, key project and sector events are listed for update of project progress.


Key issues/dates:


Project start Jan 2012- Finished end 2015.







Presentation of final report to Deputy Minister Ahmad Shaheer Shahriar in MRRD by Dr. Stoveland and Eng Abrar , Norplan. HE was pleased with the completion of the project and emphasized that the project report and documentations developed under the project should be distributed to all water sector stakeholders. HE also highlighted that MRRD were in close dialogue with MEW discussing water sector services and MRRD would support MEW who now has the jurisdiction groundwater to continue this work started in MRRD. MRRD and MEW also work closely on the Citizen Charter program for effective service provision for all Afghans for reducing service gaps and for securing sustainable and viable services.

For best possible capacity building and sustainability of project activities , documents and training materials are freely available for enhanced development in Afghanistan
All technical reports and training material, survey methods, geophysical manuals, Web Atlas, videos, etc from the project are available for freely for downloading from the web. For sector stakeholders working in Afghanistan, a copy of the DVD with the documents have been distributed to most stakeholder organizations interested in the documents. If the Internet connection is slow, the DVD may be a good option for obtaining heavier files. Do contact Norplan for a copy. As indicated in the illustration above, paper copies of the documentation is unmanageable because of the large volume of documents. ( list of files, DVD)

Hydrogeological Investigations Maymane - FINAL REPORT
.date: April 2016 , revised May 2016

Water situation at Maymane as analyzed based on MRRD and DACAAR surveys. -

The final report covering the investigations near Maymane Airport. After field testing, exploratory drilling and test-pumping had been completed the final report was finalized, here enclosed. Just click on to read. (Full report file size is 8 mb.)

Report completed by David Banks and Andreas de Jong. Revised May 2015 by David after receiving comments from Ali Poya, MRRD a few days before.

End of Project: Draft General and Technical Reports
.December/January 2016

Final report submitted Dec. 2015, (no annexes)

Final. Click to review

GIS- MIS: draft final report Dec.2015

Click to review

MRRD- GeoVista Well Logger Manual

click to review ( logger)

Draft final training report, Jan. 2016

Click to view



Draft completion reports have been submitted and final documents as well as all equipment and transport procured will be handed over to MRRD in February 2016.


Norplan staff in Kabul office (MRRD) gathered for end of project lunch
..Date: 14th Dec. 2015

The project which started in 2012 will come to a close at the end of December 2015. Here the project staff in Kabul during the finalization of the project, completing final documentation. All met for a nice lunch at Intercontinental Hotel. From the left, Farid Shah, Mir Nawid Ahamad , Habib, Ramzia, Eng. Abrar, Dr. Stoveland, Prof Eqrar, Prof. Zarinkhail, and Mobashir. The Norplan management will express greatest thanks for work well done, great support, flexibility and loyalty for project and development objectives set by the project. Unfortunately, Andreas de Jong and David Banks who also made a tremendous contribution to the success of the project were not in Kabul at that time. Thanks to all!  


As outlined in the agreement between MRRD and NORAD, an annual meeting was scheduled for November 2015. Rather than conducting this in Kabul, it has been proposed to be held in Dubai so that the annual meeting could be combined with possible donor meetings to search funding for project continuity. However, Government staff from MRRD could not obtain visas for The United Arab Emirates. Subsequently a Video conference was organized between MRRD ( Deputy Minister Ahmad Shaheer Shahriar, Eng. Safi, from Norplan Kabul office: Eng Abrar and Prof. Eqrar. In Dubai the NORAD representative Mr. M. Rafat was together with Dr. Stoveland from Norplan, Norway).

The project progress was discussed. NORAD informed that there was no funding for extension on current budgets and the refugee situation made development support from Norway stained for 2016. NORAD was impressed with the MRRD involvement working on the Citizen Charter program and indicated that it could be an idea to prepare a proposal for 2017. As such, the current project had to close by the end of 2015 as previously agreed. The project has achieved much and there were no major issues to be address / resolved.

Strategic and Conceptual Design for Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation Services
22nd Nov 15

A one day seminar was called at MRRD to review whether the policy and approach wot implementation of water supply and sanitation services in rural and urban areas was on the right track to provide sustainable services to all within the foreseeable future. The senior personnel, decision makers, representatives from key funding agencies and donors were invited. In addition to MRRD, representatives from MEW, AUWSSC, USAID, UNICEF, World Bank, GIZ, Borda, and Norplan were present. The seminar was very helpful exchanging experiences and plans and learning how to coordinate and collaborate in support of finding ways to reduce the service gaps. Various presentation were given and are enclosed on a separate seminar page. Click to see documentation, presentations and seminar photos..

World GISDAY at Kabul University
. 18th November 2015
The world GISDAY was organized at Kabul University with the support of UNEP. This was a good follow-up from the National GIS Conference held at MRRD and strengthening the focus of closer cooperation between GIS users in Afghanistan. UNIP has presented has nicely published the presentation on the web. See World GISDAY and Kabul GISDAY Presentations
See proceedings prevared by UNEP

National GIS Conference
: 10th-11th November
A GIS conference was called for the purpose gathering experts working in Afghanistan to discuss how the modern IT tools can improved development of the country. Experts gave presentation of how the GIS tool was used in their organization to make work more efficient. The purpose was also to share experiences, use of software, challenges with using GIS tools and how working closer together in a more coordinated manner could enhance work and development. See conference page, and see conference photos.

Training Progress good and as planned
- Capacity building.October 2015
As the project is reaching the end of the last project year, the capacity building and training has passed the proposed training volume as proposed in the inception report prepared in 2012 of 800 course participants. About 46 training courses have been implemented by Norplan and Dacaar with 359 different persons attending. Whenever international staff were training, local co-trainers were in support and learning how to repeat and run the courses in the future. For more details.
A few persons attended many over 20 courses, but most attended only a few courses. Click to see.
Over 800 trained!

Advanced Training for GIS online maps.
27th-28th October 2015
This advanced training course was aimed at key GIS experts in different organization using Online ArcGIS utilities for publishing maps. Here the participants made maps with themes covering water points, weather maps, illustration of irrigation channels, and more. See examples. The course was planned by Andreas de Jong with support of Prof. Zarinkhail and Prof. Eqrar. Many now know how to use this free software to share information on-line. see examples of work. See more photos
Course participants doing own web designs
Interpretation of Test pumping Data from Faryab,
A workshop and practical training was organized by Andreas de Jong and Prof. Eqrar for learning how to interpret test pumping data. The data was had been collected previously from exploratory boreholes sunk outside Maymane in Faryab. The idea was how to analyze the data to assess capacity of the aquifer as a source for water supply.
Eng Safi and Eng Abrar during closing Hassan, Jawid, Jalil, all working with data See more photos from training
National GIS Conference under preparation 10th December

Enlarged diagrahm


This groundwater mapping project has shown the importance of using modern IT tools such as GIS. With the free use of Online ArcGIS software, the opportunity is here for most to use this tool without having to pay for expensive licenses.

National Conference is under planning to facilitate for all GIS users to meet, learn from each other, share experiences and to find where support and assistance can be found when and if required. A national GIS conference is under planning at MRRD and all key known GIS users in the water sector has been contacted for making this conference useful for all. Agenda and program will shortly be published here or contact: for details. see GIS illustration

Training course in Geophysical Well Logging Interpretation .Date: 18th - 21st Oct.15

The data collected using the new well logging vehicles and equipment needs interpretation. This interpretation is complicated and experience makes this work easier.

Since now MRRD as well as DACAAR, MEW and AGS all have well logging equipment with little of now manuals, this data interpretation course was much in demand.

Course was organised by Andreas de Jong, Norplan and held at ARDI (Training centre) at MRRD. Click to see course photos:

DACAAR har received its new Well Logger Vehicle
: September 2015

DACAAR had one of its Land-cruisers rebuilt for use as purpose build well logger. The logging equipment was fitted into the vehicle using the same design as used by MRRD. Vehicle is now fully functional and ready for use.

The photos show the logger vehicle and inside view showing GeoVista winch, work table and portable generator.

For more details and photos click here

Presentations at International Accociation of Hydrogeologists 42nd Congress.
..15th September 2015

The Hydrogeological Survey results and methods were brought to international attention at the International Association Congress in Rome in September this year. David Banks, from Norplan /Holymoor gave 2 presentations om behalf of the project team:

  1. A conceptual Model for Hydrogeological Atlas for Sustainable groundwater Management in Faryab, Northern Afghanistan. +
  2. Evolution of salinity and groundwater chemistry in an irrigated semi-desert environment, Faryab.

An Afghan delegation with three person from MRRD, and a professor from Kabul University and a local Norplan engineer should also have attended the conference, but Visa problems preventedtheir attendance. Both Eng M. Safi and Prod. Eqrar had also prepared presentations for the conference. ( see list of presentations/documents)

Follow up meeting at MEW after National Groundwater Conference 5th August 2015

As a follow-up, a meeting was held at Ministry of Energy and water ( MEW) to establish a technical committee and a working group to develop an action plan for ground water mapping in Afghanistan in line with the National Groundwater Conference declarations. The new Deputy Minister Fahimullah Ziaie (on the right in the right hand photo above) opened and chaired his first meeting in MEW since being appointed deputy minister.

Agreement was made to establish the committee with members from all key stakeholders present from MEW, MRRD, AGS, AUWSSC, MUDA,Kabul University, DACAAR,NORPLAN,

Received New Project Vehicle- Hilux: 2nd Aug.2015

Received ordered Toyota Hilux Diesel, which is the replacement vehicles for RuWatSIP for the second hand land cruiser provided as well- logger vehicle.

Vehicle will be handed over to RuWatSIP this month.


Afghanstan Engineers Associatiom Dari English

Meeting new Deputy Minister of Programs, in MRRD: H.E. Ahmad Shaheer Shahriar
16th June 2015

A meeting was convened to brief HE Deputy Minister A. S. Shahriar about the project, status and possible way forward.

The meeting was organized with Dir Ghulam Qader, (right) HE Deputy Minister, and Dr. Svein Stoveland, Norplan and Eng. Naqibullah Abrar ( behind camera).

The project has come a long way and with the recent implementation of the National Groundwater Conference where 8 ministries agreed that groundwater mapping in Afghanistan is needed and that this has to be done in a coordinated manner involving all resources for national development. (See conference declaration)

About 85 visits to Web per day. 16th June 2015
It is alway interesting to see if anybody looks at the pages and what they look for. We can clearly see that the interest has increased after the National Groundwater conference. Much info can be seen as to number of hits, pages seen, which pages are most popular and which big documents have been mostly in demand. Click on icon left to see more of data for June2015.
Hands - on training course for operators of well logging equipment (TC 1.8) May-Jun 2015

A practical training program is ongoing for a small group of operators of advanced logging equipment. Geophysicists and hydrogeologists from MRRD, MEW and DACAAR are being trained by Andreas de Jong using the new logging equipment in MRRD. The training will continue for some weeks and about 10 boreholes will be logged and tested using the different logging tools.

Boreholes at MRRD, MEW and MOM have already been inspected. Later training course will be followed up for data interpretation training for a wider audience including students ( see photos, course plans)

Well logging equipment unpacked and tested at DACAAR
. Jun 11th 2015

DACAAR has also purchased well logging equipment from GeoVista. This is the same type of equipment as procured by MRRD and installed in a purpose made vehicle. DACAAR is also preparing a special vehicle purposely adapted for the equipment.

Andreas de Jong from Norplan who is currently running a training program for operators of well logging equipment visited DACAAR together with David Banks when DACAAR was unpacking the equipment and making the first to assure that all equipment parts were working as planned. DACAAR is participating in the well logging training program together with operators from MRRD and MEW. Photo show winching equipment being tested. See more photos..

Conference successtully implemented
Conference opened by H.E. Zia Masood. Presidency. Conference organized by AEA was well attended by key government leaders and key sector organizations and staff. click here to see special conference site with photos, presentations and decleration.

Prof. Eqrar interviewed on National TV about Hydrogeological Project in MRRD and about the National Groundwater Conference organized 7th- 8th June at Marmareen Palace, 2015

The National TV channel RTA invited Prof. Naim Eqrar ( Kabul University) to discuss groundwater issues in Afghanistan based on his involvement in the National Groundwater Conference recently held in the Marmareen Palace and the Professors involvement in the NORAD sponsored Hydrogeology Project at MRRD. Professor Eqrar is the National Training expert working with Norplan implementing the project for hydrogeological mapping of Faryab.

The TV program focused which lasted for one hour covered: -Main objective of Project , What we have done -What we have do in a future -What was the main objective of national conference -Main points in declaration -Action plan for the future..

National Groundwater Conference, 7th-8th June 2015

Afghanistan Engineering Association (AEA) is inviting to a national ground water conference. MRRD/ NORPLAN is providing support to this important conference which is planned for 7th-8th June 2015.

For the NORAD supported project with MRRD, this may be seen as a milestone for passing on activities to Afghan stakeholders active in the sector. For this is an important event. AEA has mobilized many of its members to make all preparations for the workshop best possible. We all hope for success.! Click on poster for enlargement

Invitation letter
Tentative agenda.

Membrane Filtration - SkyHydrant Field tests started Kabul.Date: June2015

After successful and promising test at RuWatSIP, MRRD, Norplan has organized to move the second test unit to a local community for testing how this may serve local settlements. MRRD and NCA is involved in the testing process.

The unit has been assembled, and introduced to the community. Now the trials on functionality, O&M and user friendliness starts. Reports will follow. see more details with photos and setup.

Membrane Filtration test results presented to Wash Cluster meeting 26th May 15
First results from testing at MRRD presented to Wash Cluster meeting. Seems attractive for emergency relief water supply and possibly for community water supplies. More tests to be conducted. Presented by researcher Cecilie Kolstad and Yasir. For report click to see report, see web page and to see video Membrane FIltration , or on Youtube

Meeting with Hon. Minister Nasir Ahmad Durrani
.Date: 11th may 2015

The Dir. G. Qader presented the Norplan team with Dr. Stoveland, Eng. Abrar and Prof. Eqrar to the Hon. Minister. The purpose was to present the project and discuss status and the possible way forward. The Hon. Minister emphasized the importance of local ownership, good coordination and that groundwater management should be appropriately coordinated with MEW.

The Minister supported the proposed National Groundwater Conference planned by the Afghan Engineering Association where MRRD and NORAD support project experiences would be shared and discussed.

Membrane filtration testing started.
5th May 2015

We are all quite excited after ther first preliminary test for removing turbididy and bacteria from untreated river water.

The preliminary results looks very promising indeed. See photos from early testing arrangement at MRRD. Cecilie Kolstad, M.Sc graduate from university in Oslo who assisted with testing solar stills last year is back to asist in field testing of membrane filters with NCA, MRRD and Norplan. Good start by the test team.. Learn more.

Meeting with Hon. Minister Ali Ahmad Osmani 6th May 2015

The Hon. Minister Osmani received Dr. Stoveland, Eng. Abrar and Prof. Eqrar from Norplan to his office to discuss hydrogeological mapping, capacity building, protection of groundwater resources and the importance of good coordination and cooperation between sector actors. Eng Shobair from MEW/FAO who guided the team to the Hon. Minister Norzai, is also member of the Afghan Engineering Association(AEA). The Hon. Minister was informed about the AEA planned National Groundwater Conference and requested to support the initiative.

It was a good preparatory meeting for the planners of the National Conference where AEA, MRRD and Norplan are active.

Draft Final Web Atlas - Faryab - uploaded
Date: 22nd April 2015

We have uploaded the latest and draft final version of the web Atlas.

The complete version in PDF is 20 megabytes so if you want to download chapter by chapter go to the Water Atlas Web Page to download.

The draft final version also includes Conclusions.

Norwegian Minister given status report on project
: 17th April 2015

S. Stoveland, Norplan, attended the Spring Meetings with World Bank/IMF this year. In that connection he met the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Børge Brende and handed him a status rapport for the NORAD funded capacity building project for ground water mapping currently implemented under MRRD in Afghanistan. The Hon. minister was asked look at a project which can show good progress and which may make some difference to Afghanistan, to MRRD and to all water sector stakeholders involved in the water sector. see rapport : front page or whole report (PDF, 7 Mb)

First Observation well completed
: April 2015
The first observation well has now been completed for on or the production boreholes drilled. For each production borehole the plan is to drill two observation boreholes. Work is progressing in Faryab and preparation for test pumping is now being done. See drilling logs

Testing SkyHydrant Ultra Membrane Unit
: March 2015

Two SkyHydrant membrane filtration units have been bought for testing in Afghanistan. The ultra membrane filtration unit has a capacity of 500-700 liters per hour with low pressure head. All operation is manual with no consumables needed and with a life of 10 years or more. Sounds very good!

What is more and special is that the pore openings in the membrane is extremely small, 0.04 microns, while bacteria ( ecoli) are about 1.8 microns. That means that the filter can remove particles but also bacteria and to a large extent viruses also!!.

We are now going to test to learn how units works and how to operate the units. How backwashing works, and how often and easy the backwashing works. Looks very promising:

Commisionion of well logger - successful first day! 25th March 2015

The work with commissioning of the well logger has started. The vehicle is ready , equipment fitted , and a suitable test well identified inside the MRRD compound.

First the video-camera was fitted for test of winch and control unit. All functioned perfectly well. great excitement over this powerful tool now soon to be introduced to the hydrogeologists in MRRD. See photos or video. or on Youtube.

42 training courses completed with 771 participants
.date: 18th March 2015

We are very happy to provide this update that the training has now covered 771 course participants from 42 different organizations. Forty short training courses has been implemented. DACAAR has assisted with running about 10 of the courses with increased focus on decentralized and community activities.

Click for further enlarged diagram and overall course evaluations.

Toyota Land-cruiser rebuild and ready fur use as Well Logger Vehicle.
.17th March 2015.

Well logger vehicle now nicely rebuilt at Toyota in Kabul and fitted with delicate logger tool equipment. The winch is fitted together with tool boxes for storing delicate logger tools safely. The operators also have space inside for working with the logging control units . Room for 2-3 persons. see larger photos. Now the commissioning of the equipment and training of technicians is about to start. This is quite exciting to have such a powerful tool. DACAAR has also purchased similar equipment so they will join in the training program.

Kabul University, Engineering Department Lecture: Hydrogeology Capacity Building Project:
Date: 4th February 2014

Dr. Stoveland and Eng. Abrar paired up to present the concept and innovations developed in the hydrogeology project. English and Dari. Close to 100 students listened for nearly 2 hours! Presentation of ground water mapping, surveys, data management, and making of maps, GIS, and web solutions. The IT solutions for presentation was shown including training videos, maps, Water Atlas and project web page.

It will be interesting to see how the youth may use this to follow up on the Internet and the web.

Consultative meeting at ANSA: Water Labs: Quality Control Action Plan :3rd February 2015
As a follow up of the two days workshop on Quality Control, a consultative meeting was held at ANSA. The meeting was well represented by many of the users and owners of water testing laboratories such as MRRD, MOPH, MEW and AUWSSC. Other supporting organizations including GIZ, Chemonix ( USAID),DACAAR, NORPLAN, Kabul University, were there as well at two operators of private laboratories, VICC and KA. Deputy Dir Khateer made a good presentation of the role and focus of ANSA and the increase strength to laboratory services provided by USAID. This would again strengthen the coordination capacity for ANSA for following up proposed action for Quality control systems for water testing labs. See more photos and minutes of meetings and recommendations presented to the meeting as developed by the workshop which ended the previous day at MRRD.

Quality Control Workshop
.Date: 1st-2nd February 2015
A quality control workshop is held at RuWatSIP, MRRD for water testing laboratory staff. 23 staff from MRRD, MOPH,MEW, AGS, ANSA, DACAAR; and Kabul University attended the workshop. Focus was to discuss quality control deficiencies and to prepare a Mitigation Plan which could be presented to the Consultative Committee at ANSA shortly. Course organized by Svein Stoveland supported by Prof. Eqrar, Eng Abrar and Khalirahman from DACAAR. See course material, or see more photos.

Presentation of Capacity building project, Hydrogelogy for Afghan Association of Engineers
Norplan was invited to present the Hydrogeology project for the Afghan Engineering Association in Kabul. The audience consisted students as well as engineers with government, university, private sector and parastatal organizations. Focus was placed on approach of mapping hydrogeology in Afghanistan and on the IT solutions developed for presentation and mapping of hydrogeological information. The chairmen of AEA M. Rasuli welcomed Dr. Stoveland , who gave the presentation on Saturday 31st of January 2015.

Work Started on Testing Online GIS Methodology to new Provinces December 2014
Work has now started to test the methodology developed for Faryab and for the maps prepared for the Faryab provinces to be applied for other provinces. Balkh and Nangahar provinces has been selected for testing. Work has started by displaying location of water points. More data for different maps will be added. The process of data management, data cleaning and preparation of new maps for nationwide replication has started. Prof Zarihkhail is leading this work using esisging data from the WSG database. See examples for online display.
Fitting Equipment in Well logger Vehicle now onging . December 2014
Unpacking the well logging equipment has started and the land-cruiser allocated by MRRD for use for the equipment is available. Unpacked equipment is now being fitted in the vehicle. Toyota will assist with modifications and the hydrogeologists discuss what may be the best arrangements. See more photos

Training Course TC 4.5 : Use of Online GIS Maps
: 9-10 December

This important course was run at MRRD, RuWatSIP for the purpose of training staff already familiar to ArcGIS on how to use ARCGSI Online utility.

Course organized by Andreas de Jong, Norplan with support of Prof. Zarinkhail and Prof. Eqrar.. 14 participants attended, 7 from MRRD, and persons from MEW, MAIL MOM and DACAAR.

See more photos or course report

Training course in Data Management (TC 4.7) , GIS/MIS
.Date: 1st December

The current training course focuses on importing data from excel and access software. The data needs to be "cleaned" and checked before it can be used for making maps.

For future development of online maps for Afghanistan it is essential that this expertise is developed for quality control and for generating trustworthy information.

Course organized by Andreas de Jong with support of Prof. Zarinkhail. see more photos.

Training participant database Nove,ber 2014

As the number of participants in the training courses increased, it became increasingly difficult to manage all the names and courses in a single excel spreadsheet. For that purpose a database was designed and developed. Information is now available covering participants and their organizations, courses, trainers, and co-trainer. IN addition, all the course evaluation results are also entered into the database.

Presently the different rapports are available in pdf file format under training progress menu. .( click on report icons for details)

Annual Meeting MRRD- NORAD 2014
.Date: 25th November 2014

The annual meeting for 2014 was held in the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kabul 25th November 2014. The Delegation from MRRD was lead by Deputy Minster Tarriq Ismati with Dir. Ghulam Qader and M. Afsal Safi. NORAD was represented by Kim Kristmoen, while Nina Hal Scheldrup was representing the Norwegian Embassy. Dr. Svein Stoveland, Naqibullah Abrar and Prof. Eqrar represented NORPLAN.

The review covered this project covered by t his web page.

In Summary, all parties express content with the project progress and is was agreed that the project implementation period should be extended till the end of 2015 so as to finalize the bulk project TOR. see more details from the meeting. Click for photos and presentations

Good progress on exploratory drilling ..Date: Nov. 2014

The MRRD drilling team have completed the second borehole to a dept of 127 meters near Maymane.

Picture of the drilling setup and rig used.

Click on photo (left) to enlarge or see more photos from the drilling activities

Vehicle for new Well Logger date:November 2014
MRRD is providing a strong land cruiser hardtop vehicle for fitting the well logging equipment recently received. This is a very suitable and strong 4 WD car perfect for the job. The Project will in return replace the vehicle with a Toyota Hilux which is a good arrangement. The project and MRRD staff are excited to start making use of the new logging equipment!
Eng. N. Abrar from Kabul on working visit to Norway date: November 2014

Abrar, deputy team leader for Norplan in Kabul, was invited to Norplan in Kristiansand to meet HQ staff, review and update project technical and financial project documents. Here seen together with Norplan/ Asplan Viak personnel at the Kristiansand Office, Norway. Click for enlarged photo

Training course in Civil 3D November
Training course were given covering Autocad Civil 3D,. The course started 1st of November running for 5 days. Course planned in given by Mohammad Iqbal. The course were run at RuWatSIP conference room for 21 participants for engineers and hydrogeologists from MRRD, MAIL, MEW, AUWSSC, and Universities. See course photos.

Drilling 2nd borewell, Maymane
date: October

The drilling of the 2nd borehole is now in good progress. A new drillbit has been procured and shipped to Maymane. ( see equipment list)

for more photos or info about drilling progress.

Equipment Cleared from Customs, Well logger and Membrane Filters.
..Date: October 14
Two membrane filtration units arrived after procurement from Australia. For testing treatment efficiency and application for turbid and bacterially contaminated waters. Potential use as treatment unit for emergency relief. See possible testing arrangements.
Well logger equipment arrived and cleared from customs. Consists of winch, sondes including camera and data recording and control system. 4 - 4 boxes full of equipment ready for assembling, mounting in vehicle, testing, operator training and for well logging and surveying. See description of system below.

TC 4.12 Training in MS ACCESS Database
: 27th Sept-1st Oct. 2014
A third training course was conducted for data management. For all hydrogeological information to be prepared require extensive data handling and Access and Excel are essential tools for organizing and cleaning the data prior to producing maps for paper printouts of for web maps on-line. Participants joined this course from RuWatSIP, MRRD, MEW, MoM, Dacaar and Universities. The course was organized and presented by A. M. Mutamaeen and with support from Prof, Zarinkhail and Prof. Eqrar. Above photos showing the whole class and to the right, course presenter issueing certificates to parrticipant. see course details. and photos of participants.

Exploratroy drilling in Progerss
: September 2014

Exploratory driling ongoing in Faryab. 107 meters depth reached first week! Photo by Eng. Hadi

see more photos of drilling work and geological formations. See also drilling reports and results from first drilled well.

RuWatSIP new Web Page

We can congratulate RuWatSIP with their new web page. The page looks very nice and has beautiful design.

It will be very nice to be able to follow this page and be able to get rural water sector updates regularly. Very good.

The web page was developed by the local consultant firm Devede, Kabul and handled by Fariba in Communication Unit, in RuWatSIP. The web page was funded by Norplan under the NORAD project in MRRD.

Again congratulation with a very nice page.


First training course indroducing development of online hydrogeological maps
. September 2014
The first training course (TC 4.) introducing how to make online web maps (ArcGIS online service) have been held at RuWatSIP. The first course was developed by Andreas de Jong and coordinated by Prof Zarinkhail for a target group of GIS/ It staff. The reception was very positive and it has become clear that further courses would be needed. Good Internet device was essential for the course but this was provided and all worked very well. See more photos and course reports
Web Maps Online : September 2014

Now the first web maps have been put online. At the moment the online maps cover location and type of water points, depth to static water level, electrical conductivity and geology. Where other information is available such as well logs and water quality analysis these can be accessed online through direct links.

As you zoom in below scale of 1:80,000, high resolution images will appear to facilitate navigation and show where water points are relative to features such as building, canals and roads. Click to view links to online maps

Training course in Social Aspects of Wter Management
date: September 2014

Course organised and implemented by DACAAR WetCentre trainining unit. 4 persons participated from MRRD. This was the second time this course was implemented by this project. See more photos

Good training progress
: September 2014

Training courses have been held at RuWatSIP, at DACAAR, in the field in Mazaar and in Maymane. In addition, workshops on water quality control has been held to create awareness of the quality control of water testing laboratories.

Training courses are also progressing in the field of GIS, ArcGIS for display of training materials.

Practical training on well logging is still awaiting the release of the equipment from the customs, but this will hopefully be released soon. See more details on training outputs.

Exploratory drilling started in Faryab September 2014

RuWatSIP has mobilized one of its rotary drilling rigs for the exploratory drilling work to be undertaken in Faryab. The first of 5 boreholes is in progress for exploring the water aquifer near Maymane city. The drilling will be accompanied with test pumping and practical training courses in the province. A drilling team from RUWatSIP is there together with support field staff from DACAAR.

All are looking forward to see what information this work will provide for future development

Training course TC 5.8 Water testing using field kits - 14th September

TC 5.8 focused on practical training on sampling, testing and reporting from water analysis using simple field kits. The course covered introduction of key water quality parameters, training in how to sample, hands on training on using field kits and simple field instruments. Frederic Patingy, WHO trained participants how to test for bacteriological contamination of water using field kits.

All participants also training basic chemistry calculations of concentrations covering mt/l, meqv/l, mole, more. Course held at MRRD, RuWatsip. See photos and presentations

This course is an extension of earlier hydrochemistry course coveing practical water testing.

Training course TC 5.3- II, Operation and Maintenance
- Water 18th -21st August

The second traing course was organised by DACAAR, WetCentre covering Operation and Maintenance of rural water supplies. There were 14 participants with 6 from MRRD, two from PRRD, and the rest from Oxfam, Care Intn, Save the Children, Kabul University, Min of Agriculture, and Dacaar. The evaluation and details about the course can be seen in the Completion Report.

Training course TC 4.19 ArcGIS intermediate 17th-23 August

Training course was completed to take participants deeper into the subject of ArcGIS. Participants attending this course had previously attended the basic course. Course prepared by Mr. Iqbal, while the course was coordinated by Prof. Zarinkhail.

Participants seem to enjoy the course. ( see course reports)

Field surveys Maymane, preparing for drilling 20-27th July

A team of hydrogeologists from MRRD travelled to Maymane to locate sites for exploratory drilling and for seeking agreement with land owners of permission to drill. Eng Jalil, senior hydrogeologist from MRRD led the team assisted by Eng Massod.

The picture left show is from the field near Maymane where a landowner is signing an agreement to allow the project to start exploratory drillign on his land.

For more photos see here, and als see field report

Training course TC 4.14 Spatial Ananysis II
.date: 21st-23rd July 2014

Training course was completed to take participants deeper into the subject of Spacial Analysis. Participants attending this course had previously attended the basic course. ( Two basic couses were run because when intermediate course was fun first time, the participants were new and had not attended the basic course.) This course however had participants with previous training and the course part II was successfully completed. Course prepared by Mr. Iqbal, while the course was coordinated by Prof. Zarinkhail.

M.Sc Thesis Solar Stills submitted 15th August

Congratulations Cecilie Kolstad. The field work was carried out in Kabul at NCA offices together with technical staff from NCA, MRRD and Norplan.

Very impressive to see that the tests demonstrated that the solar stills can deliver drinkable water from saline waters to the volume of over 4 liters per square meter grass area per day. A great start with the testing and development of potential household desalination plants for very hot and remote areas with salty ground waters and no surface water.

Membrane Filters for testing Date: July 2014.

An Australian NGO, SkyJuice, has developed a membrane filter for drinking water which could be used for emergency applications as well as for water supply to villages and smaller settlements. These recycled high quality industrial membranes are for use in developing countries at lower costs. The SkyHydrant has manual backwashing, should last for about 10 years without repair, and each unit would deliver slightly less than 1000 liters per hour. These units can be used separately of in larger system with many units. With the membrane pore opening of about 0.4 micron, the filter would remove particles but also bacteria.

The project has placed an order for two units to be tested in Afghanistan for application in rural water supply. See technology page

Training course TC 1.7 7th-9th June 2013

The training courser for Hydrogeolological planning, surveying and mapping was implemented for the second time by David Banks and the local Norplan team at MRRD

This time, the Hydrogeological Atlas was nearly complete ( which was not the case last year when the course was first run. Focus was also given this time on training senior Hydrogeologists who could assist in implementing the course later if MRRD or others should desire to rerun the course. All the lectures and practicals for the course is available on the web for reuse. 21 people from Kabul and Faryab attended the course. Participants came from MRRD, University, MEW, MoM (AGS), KPU,NCA, DACAAR,

Hyderochemistry Course TC 2.12 2-4th June
The course covered basic chemistry how to calculate concentrations, solubilities etc before proceeding to study the chemistry in the ground waters in Faryab. Much emphasis was given to practical coursework. Course prepared by D. Banks with the support of Prof Eqrar and Prof Noor. (See course reports)
Laboratory Quality Control action plan agreed. 3-4th July 2014

ANSA invited to a meeting 13th of May with a follow up Consultative committee meeting 3rd of June combined with a workshop whereby objectives, work plan, actors and TOR for committees and work groups should be developed and agreed. This was successfully done at ANSA 2-4th of June 2014. Two working groups are not established to develop needed policies and documentation of the Consultative Committee to discuss and adopt.

Very many key lab owners and stakeholders were in full support of this drive to develop quality control for of water testing analysis

See main page QC at ANSA
and Minutes with action agreed in last workshop

Training course TC 2.1 Hydrochemistry 2-4th June 2014

Course held at RuWatSIP in Hydrochemistry The course was delivered by David Banks with the support of Prof. Eqrar and Prof. Noor.

Again the course focused on practical application of basic chemistry with focus on hydrogeologists and water engineers. Much was on practicals, understanding and application of theories as well as calculations and reporting of results. All lecture notes are presented on web. Also see photos

Training course TC 4.13 Cartography II 27th and 28th May 14

Course held for the participants who had participated in the first cartography course.

The course had 12 participants and was given by Andreas de Jong and Prof. Zarinkhail with support of both Prof. Eqrar and Abrar.

Unfortunately some of the participants had not previously attended course I and that caused some challenges. See photos from course and course reports.

First set of protoypes developed 27th May 14

Five prototyoes of solar stills has now been prepared by the M.Sc student Cecilie Kolstad and a team from Kabul from NCA, MRRD and Norplan. The literature study and concept development was prepared by Cecilie before she came to Kabul. Once in Kabul a technical steering committee and the construction team discussed how to find appropriate materials and carpenters who could make the prototype stills.

The stills has now been through the first preliminary tests which seemed encouraging with a water production of about 7 liters from a m2 still. The next step now to start has to focus on hope to make good localized designs which local entrepreneurs can make and mass produce in provincial towns at reasonable costs. See more photos of design or description of results.

Training course TC 1.12 Practical Geophysical Interpretation

As on request, a practical on the job training course was prepared working though the data collected from the geophysical field surveys outside Maymane, Faryab. A team from both MRRD and DACAAR had been conducted surveys, and the data interpretation was done together.

The couse also discussed sites for exploratory wells to be drilled in the surveyed area. See more photos

63 - Practical Test Pumping interpretation course TC-1.11
date: 25- 30th March

This time it worked!. It has been difficult to organize the equipment for test-pumping. This time is seems to work well. Equipment worked, and data was collected with hard follow up work in analyzing the data and assessing well.

The course continued is spite a suicide attack on a building less that 500 meters away. Data collection had to be different, but all stayed on and worked hard.

From what we understand and hear this is the first stand alone test-pumping courses arranged in Kabul. It has taken much effort by many to make this happen. Logistics and course design. see many more photos

62 - Visit to University of Life Sciences, Oslo (UMB) 17th March

more photos..

The team visited the University outside Oslo to discuss possible areas of cooperation. Of particular interest was to hear about the special training courses in Water supply and sanitation as special courses, M. Sc. course organized via Internet ( remote training) and with some semesters as a university in the same region as the student and also with part of the course completed in Oslo.

Prof . Jensen was also very much involved in decentralized sanitation system and other types or technical solutions of interest to test out in Afghanistan.

61 - Annual Meeting MRRD- NORAD for project
.date: 14th March 14

Meeting MRRD and MFA/Norad
Click for more photos

Mid term review by COWI
Debriefing note or
PPT presentation

Annual meeting 2013, MRRD - NORAD
Click for summary

Kim Kristmoen NORAD, decorated wit hnice Afghan coat
60 - Solar Stills Development Meeting at NCA, Oslo

photos from the meeting?

Coordination meeting between MRRD, NCA, Norplan and University at Ås how to develop the idea of solar stills. Desk top study, manufacture and testing in Kabul.

Good progress on developing possible designs for testing. MRRD, NCA and NOrplan all prepared to assist to see test using being manufactures in Kabul. Excitement around Cecilie being asked by Norwegian broadcasting (NRK) for follow the solar still project to Kabul and Afghanistan. Click see more details from the meeting.

59 - Visit to NIVA, ( Norwegian Water Research Laboratory)

The delegation vIsited NIVA. Trine Olsen and Tomas Adler Blakseth informed about the laboratory and how it was organised and operating. NIVA was accredited close to 20 years ago, and much is fous in on quality control.

NIVA has supported establishment of laboratories in developing countries adn could provide training support to Afghan water laboratory staff if necessary. So now its up to the project to develop some proposals and ideas.

It was most useful to see the lab and how the wholed QA worked in practice. See more pictures and summary of presentations and discussions

58 - Hydrogeological Atlas for Faryab,
Date:7th March 14

This is one of the key outputs covering the water resource situation in Faryab. This is a draft report as yet. It will be discussed and finalised.

It will be discussed as to whether this also should be translated to Dari once the content has been finalised. David Banks has written this document.

Vy clicking on the icon to the left the document can be view as pdf ( 4.3 mb file size) ( Also listed in the menu under Hydrogeo. ( Atlas)

57 - Visit NGU, Norwegian Geological Investigations, Trondheim Norway
, March 12th

First visit by the delegation from MRRD visiting Norway in connection with the annual meeting witn NORAD. NGU is an organization with over 230 top sepecialists coving mapping of geological resources in both onshor and offshore. NGU also has the official responsiblity to map ground water resources in Norway including data cleaning, data management and publishing hydrogeological maps.

NCU has possiblities to assist with training and instititional support to MRRD for hydrogeologists and GIS specialist from Kabul. Here seen from the left, Eng. N Abrar, Norplan Kabul,..... Dir Ghumam Qader, MRRD, F. Haugan, S. Stoveland Norplan, and M.A. Safi, MRRD Kabul See more photos. see photos from visit to Norway

56 - Water Laboratory Quality Control Consultative meeting ANSA:
date: 19th February

Meeting/Workshop held at Afghan National Standards Authority (ANSA) to discuss and agree on establinshing a consultative frawework for laboratory quality control system for Afghanistan. Meeting hosted and chaired by Dr. Khateer, Technical Deputy Director General.

Laboratory owners form government, NGOs and private sector present. MRRD, MoE, DACAAR, VICC company and more. Also UNICEF (heavy funding support for labs at MRRD, MoPH but also support to ANSA for water lab QC. NORPLAN provided guidance to roadmap for way forward. Agreement: All agreed on short term framework and national framework to be endorced by all in new meeting 24th March 2014 for all stakeholders.

55 - Training program mid term review 18th February

Since the project is about half way completed, it was opportune to hold a mid term review workshop to review training plans, status, lessons learnt, and to hear comments from pasrticipants and organizations. One of the key outcome of the workshop was to collect advise for the way forward, modification in trainig courses and training calendar.

More that 50 participated, most of whom had attended or contributed in the previous workhop.

Discussions were good and active and many recommendations were collected. Picture from opering with Eng. M. Afzal Safi addressing participants. For more pictures , or for course presentation and outputs see see training outputs with workshop contents.

54 - Contract ARTS- Norplan: Language Localization of WatSan Database
Date: 17th February 14
Norplan agreed to provide support to amend a database design for rural water supplies done by ARTS for RuWatIP and funded by UNICEF. The amendment covered the facility to be able to ender data in English, DARI and PASTHO languages. What was new was to add the facility for the two local languages. A lookup list of at least 700 words would be included as well as data entry "windows" so that MRRD staff could ender information about rural water supplies in any of the three languages. The agreed cost was about USD 12,000 which amounted to about 5% of the total database development costs. The database will be managed by the MIS-GIS Unit in RuWatSIP

53 - Mid - term review of project
: February 2014

NORAD appointed COWI to undertake the mid term review of the project. David Heywood from COWI was given the task to undertake the assignment.

The photo shows David (right) together with
Muhammad Ajmal Samim – Interpreter, and
Hamayuon Paikar – National Consultant from Kaweyan Group in the NORPLAN office in MRRD building in Kabul.

52 - Training progress: more than 200 individuals now trained, 409 course participants

The training program has now trained 219 different persons. The graph to the right shown that 137 have attended one course, 38 persons attended two courses, 16 persons 3 courses etc. This means that 409 course participants have been enrolled in the the 20 different courses so far conducted. Click for more information in charts

This part of the capacity building program is doing well. ( See also course reports)


51 - Well Construction and Test Pumping course 25th - 28th January 2014

This course, TC.1.10 has been rerun to focus on junior and students where female participants have been encouraged to participate.

About 30 participants benefited from the course run at RuWatSIP facilities at MRRD. The practical test-pumping as shown here was conducted on a 70m deep borehole just in from of MRRD compound.

The course was presented by Eng Hassan, DACAAR and prof. Eqrar, Norplan with good support of MRRD. For more photos click on this link

50 - Testing and developing Solar Stills in Afghanistan January 14

Solar driven desalination plants

Close collabortion between NCA and NORPLAN has led to the initiation of a testing and dervelopment project in Afghanisan involving also the Norwegian University UMB in Oslo and MRRD and Kabul University. NCA sees this technology as a potentials solution in poor, dry rural remote areas where low cost desalination is needed. A M.Sc. student at UMB has already started with litterature study supported by NCA. Once potential designs have been identified, f construction, testing and developing will take place in Afghanistan. MRRD will coordinate with other sector stakeholders on outcomes, NORPLAN will provide technical support, It is hoped that a stucent (s) from Kabul can be involved and gain applied research experience while following up field testing work. UMB and NORPLAN will joinlty support the development work to guide quality control and good quality R&D. Exciting project. ( See possible design options)

49 - GIS Remote 19.01.14

Course TC. 4.11 covering remote sensing for GIS was completed on 19th of January as a three days course. Barat was the competent course presenter. 17 participants attended the training course.

Course evaluation indicated that this course was well received.

The course coordinator was Prof. Zarinkhail and the GIS expert lecturer from the Maiwan University also supported the course: Muhammad Iqbal.

48 - New Cars finally released from customs .date: 19.01.14

Great news. The cars which have been impounded in the customs warehouse for the last 15 months have now been cleared and NORPLAN will have three new Toyota Hilux pickups to use for transport. Great.

Now the old hired Corollas can be returned. The project team is pleased.

47 - Well Construction and Test Pumping course in Mazaar 15th to 23rd December 2013

The course planned for provincial techncial staff was planned held in Maymane but moved to Mazaar for security reasons. Course developed by Dacaar, Hassan and Jawed working closely with prof. Eqrar. Course well received and it seemed to cover an inportant training gap.

It was imediately requested to repeat this course in other regions but also for junior staff and students in Kabul. see more photos or course reports under course TC2.5

46 - Well Design
date: 15th to 18th December

Course with focus on water yield from a well, groundwater draw-down and how to make a good design of well with screens, protection for efficient and safe use of water source. Andreas de Jong, organized course and supported by Eng Abrar, Ali Poya and others.

Participants had to prepare a schematic design of a well and well as calculating yields. Important for water engineers and hydrogeologists. more photos

Interested in learning more? See introduction lecture

45 - Cartography Course at RuWatSIP
date: 10th- 11 December

To quote Andreas in his introduction lecture: Course organized by Andreas de Jong and prof. Zarinkhail

Cartography is the art, science and ethics of map-making and map use.

This was a course for the specialists who already are familiar with ArcGIS software used for making maps.

The focus is. WHAT IS THE MESSAGE? How can the maps be designed so the user can get the message/ find his answer i 7 seconds or so? Rules and techniques for making good maps were covered, and participants also has do do some hard work. More photos

44 - MEW Worshop GroundWater Brainstorming 4th December2013
High level workshop organised at Ministry of Energy and Water to discuss how to organise the ground water department since MEW now has been given the national responsibility for ground water resource management from Ministry of Mines, See more info. Hon. Minister, Eng. Mohammad Arif Noorrzai, Deputy Minister MEW Shojaudin Ziaie, FAO Country Chief Ousmane Guindo , representatives from MRRD, World Bank and other stakeholders present to discuss way forward for MEW. Norplan participated with its colleagues from MRRD informing of capacity building project with MRRD in hydrogeological mapping and experiences thereof which could support MEW and strengthen coordination.
43 - Meeting Deputy Minister Energy and 2nd December 2013
NORPLAN with Abrar and Stoveland were invited to meet HE Shojaudin Ziaie, Deputy Minister of MEW to explain the capacity building project currently being implemented under RuWatSIP in MRRD. Appreciation was expressed for the active participateion of staff from MEW. Furtheermore, the contribution by MEW to provide a drilling rig and equipment for demonstration to the course participants was valuable. Likewise the dupoprt with demonstrating and ewxplaining hot to conduct sieving analysis of soils. All agreed that close coordination was valuable and would continue.

42 - UNICEF Annual Planning Meeting 1st Decembere 2013.
UNICEF invited main partners with deputy ministers form MRRD, MoPH and MOE being present. RuWatSIP lead by dir. Qader. Many NGOs and NORPLAN participated. The Deputy Minister MRRD Eng. Atiqullah Khawasi presenting his message to participants.

41 - Meeting with Governor, Faryab 12th November 2013

Eng. Abrar, Norplan (center)and Dir. A Merar, RRD (left) in meeting with the Governor Faryab, Prof. Muhammadullah Batash to inform about the project and to discuss the project activities and progress. A three weeks geophysical investigations survey has just started near Maymane Airport. These surveys supported by Norplan and implemented by MRRD, Kabul, RRD and DACAAR. During the last week the hydrogeologists will also visit Damquil area to survey the villages for potential water sources for future water supply development.

The Governor was consulted on different project activities including planning for three rural towns under the project. Ways for enhanced sector coordination was also discussed. see travel report, or more photos

40 - Project Agreement for Duty Free import endorced for project .date: November 2013
The Ministry of Finance, through the Special Procurement Committee has finally endorsed that vehicles and equipment procured under the project will be excempt for customs duties. This has been a unresolved issue resulting in delays in importation of project equipment.
39 - Geophysical Survey, Faryab from 4th November for 3 weeks

A team lead by hydrogeologist Jalil from MRRD, and Eng Hassan from DACAAR flew to Maymane to start the planned geophysical surveys of the Aquifers near Maymane Airport and at Shirin Tagab. The local experts from Kabul was joined with hydrogeologists and geologists from RRD, Maymane to conduct the surveys using survey techniques covered in recent training courses and using a methodology as outlined by D. Banks. If survey is successful, this will be followed by exploratory drilling next year in order to map the potential water sources in aquifers in Faryab.

Photo above left shows admin and survey staff outside RRDs offices in Maymane preparing for geophysical surveys. Staff from MRRD, RRD, NORPLAN, and DACAAR, The photo on abvove right shows the geophysical survey team lead by Eng Jalil recording survey data from electrical soundings near the Rairport at Maymane. Click to se more photos

38 - Training of trainers : Effective Facilitation Skills 27th- 31 Oct. 2013

The course was planned and implemented by DACAAR and CAWST. 22 participants attended coming from 10 different organizations including MRRD. DACAAR work together with the Canadian NGO, CAWST.

The target group were trainers from different organizations.

37 - Training couse no. 1.5: Well Hydraulics
date: 7th October

The course in Well Hydraulics started 7th October. This course has both theoretical and practical elements to assess quantity of water that could be extracted for drinking water supplies. Participants will do step draw-down test analysis for well performance calculations.

s = BQ + CQ2
Hantush – Bierschenk Method of step discharge test analysis

The course will discuss pumping tests and how to interpretate data to assess possible pumping rates and recharging rates of ground water aquifers..

Focus again on combination of theory and practice for planning future water supplies. Course organized by Andreas de Jong assisted by Prof. Equar and Prof. Noor

more photos..

36 - Training couse no. 1.3: Well Drilling Methods
date: 28th Sepbember

A well attended course with about 43 participants from sector ministries, ngos and universities.

The course was organised by Norplan with Andreas de Jong and Prof. Eqrar but with many local resource persons sharing their experiences in presentations.

This time the conference room at RuWatSIP became too small and the training venue had to be changed.See more photoes from class

Ministry of Energy and Water provided drilling rig for test drilling and demonstration of how work is done. See photos from field day.

35 - Training course for O&M for rural water supplies date: 16th September

Training course implemented by WETCENTRE, DACAAR for O&M of rural water supplies. This couse is following the key polucy framework developed under WSG for sustainable rural water supply and sanitation development for Afghanistan.

Course is a one of many standardised courses offered to the water sector actors in Afthanistan.

More photos

34 - Training videos : 20th September 2013

A special page has been prepared for displaying short training videos. Most videos are of shorter than 10 minutes duration. These are mainly videos recorded during the training courses implemented under the project. All the videos is currently presented on INTERNET in different file formats and also on YouTube. Later the training videos will be stored on CD for distribution to all trainers in need of the materials for further repetition of training courses.

Most of the videos are recorded in Dari with the occasional English presentations ( and translated).

33 - Course Provincial Hydrogeological Survey Date: 14 to 18th September
The course covering Provincial Hydrogeological survey was held at MRRD in September 2013. This course was opened by Dir. Ghulam Quader. David Banks was responsible for the course and presenting a developed method for the hydrogeologist to use and comment on. The course was supported by Prof. Eqrar, Andreas de Jong, Hassan from DACAAR and more. Participants came from MRRD, MEW, AGS, DACAAR, RRD Faryab and more..
32 - Large NORPLAN team in Kabul

Both the local and international staff met in Kabul in September for project Activities. In the picture from left, Prof S. Zarinkhail,(GIS) Andreas de Jong (Geophysics and training,, Prof. Eqrar( Training), Dr. Stoveland (team-leader). N. Abrar (deputy team-leader) , and in front on his knees, David Banks,( Hydrogeologist).

Absent when the photo was taken was Elisabet Eikaas, who left the day before.(Gender and conflict expert)

The internationals arrive about 7th of September and stayed till 20th. Andreas arrived a little later directly from Mali, and would stay for one months and complete two more training couses. the Proffessors and local project manager are working full time to implement the project on a day to day basis.. Quite exciting times with much progress now.


31 - Social Aspects of Water Supply and Sanitation .date: September 2013- First week

Short course implemented by DACAAR covering social aspects of water supply , sanitation, WASH policies and gender issues

Course implemented at DACAAR offices with many participants from RuWatSIP, and RRD Faryab

Course in progress as this is presented.

(See training calendar)

30 - Project Manager in Kabul visits HQ in Norway
- 20th till 29th August
Abrar in a small boat seeing the "good parts of the Norwegian summer" out at sea near Kristiansand! Berit Hultmann, project secretary at HQ receiving an Afghan carpet for her good support and backup to the project. Berit is retiring but staying on part time to support the project. Visiting a local wastewater treatment plant where accredited sampling and enhanced quality control system has been introduced

Eng. Abrar, project manager in Kabul visited Norway and the offices of Norplan, in Oslo, Kristiansand and Arendal.

The purpose of the visit was to finalize the project implementation plan with the project team leader in Norway. Furthermore, it was important to meet the finance department to be fully updated on the financial matters, local accounts and auditing and anti-corruption issues.

Special meeting was held with the Tor Gunnar, Responsible GIS expert in Norplan. During the visit, both Abrar and Stoveland had a meeting with NORAD to update the new project officer, Kim Kistmoen, on project status and progress.

Fortunately, Abrar found Norway in sunshine and could therefore do some sightseeing in Oslo and in southern Norway. If you want to see more... click here.

29 - ArcGIS training courses. Date: August 2013
ArcGIS traing courses Two training courses were held at RuWatSIP during Augus. The courses covered ArdGIS databases and ArcGIS Spatial analysis. The GIS expert A. Bayat was organising and implementing the courses these successfully at RuWatSIP facilities in MRRD..
28 - Training course Maymane: GPS and Water Auality: 29th June- 2 nd July

Our partners from DACAAR, Hassan and Jawed from planned and implemented two, two day training courses in Maymane covering first couse: GIS registration of water facilitiies.and second course following the first covered water quality testing in the field.

The course had 12 participants from RRD, local adn international NGOs. ( see list of participants)

For more details see menu: Training- Report coursewhere the course documents are listed.

27 - Visit to Manufacturer in UK to inspect ordered Well Logging Equipment .date:4th July

David Banks and Andreas de Jong visited Geovista manufacturing plant for inspecting and learning more about the ordered equipment shortly to be shipped to Kabul.

The equipment is as good as expected and David seems content. He will forward some suggestions for the consideration of the client to order one or two optional extras.

To view photos of this specialized equipment with all its components click on the illustration on the left to view photos taken during the inspection visit.

As can be seen, this equipment should be supported by a dedicated car. Fortunately we have already ordered 3 twin cab Toyota pickups and one of these could be modified to transport the logging equipment well.

26 - Training Course: Introduction to GIS for Hydrogeologists .date: 23-25 June 2013

The first GIS course was held focusing on showing hydrogeologists how data about ground water resources could be effectively presented on maps.

This was introduction of the topic with a little theory of ArcGIS software, practical use of GIS at DACAAR, use of GIS in government institutions and also with presentation of how GIS is used for hydrogeologists in other countries. An active group of participants in the course organized by Prof. Zarinkhail, More photos?

25 - Large Batch of Water Samples from Faryab to UK for June2013

The last large batch of water samples was sent for isotope analysis to UK. DACAAR has been visiting many water sources in Faryab and collected samples. In addition to assessing the water quality of the samples, the analysis may also tell us where the water comes from or have traveled to get to the sampling point. Could be important in order to understand the ground water system and what ground water sources could be available for development.

24 - Project Briefing 19th June 2013
Norplan staff S. Stoveland, N Abrar and A. de Jong visited the Deputy Minister Programmes, Mohammad Tariq Ismati, The Hon Minister were briefed on good progress on field work in Faryab, The GIS unit was about to present first draft of hydrogeological maps and the training programme is going very well with three courses already completed and three more courses to be completed by mid July. The project has had some delays in being able to obtain list of proposed priority towns in Faryab for planning water supply schemes. The web page was shown with video film of training activities and the Deputy was pleased of the progress and asked for good information so as to be well prepared for next Annual meeting and mid term review.
23 - Laboratory Quality Control Course Organised in RuWatSIP .date: 15th -17th June
Eleven professional laboratory staff participated in the Lab Quality Control Course and Workshop. It would probably be the first time that professional laboratory staff from RuWatSIP, MEW, MoPH and DACAAR meet each other in a training forum or meeting. There was many common challenges and discussion was good. The course is focusing building a consensus on what action can be taken for improving the quality of the local water laboratories by introducing a common QC system. The discussion is also focusing on training, certification, documentation, reporting, and certification of samples from the collection point to the analytical report. Follow up training and institutional follow up may need to be considered. Corse implemente dwith support of trainer Sabour from UNICEF. For more photos
22 - Logistics Officer for Training, Abdul Naseer .Date joned: 5th June 2013
With all the training courses under implementation, the NORPLAN team are happy to have the much awaited training logistics officer in place. Already the first month at work Abdul has been very busy and active. We hope the deputy team leader Abrar, can now get the support he needs so he can focus on other important issues needed in attention.
21 - Meeting with Governor of Faryab 15th June 2013
A meeting good meeting was held with the Governor Mohammad Ullah Battash from Faryab while visiting MRRD. In a meeting with Dir. Wali Hakami, N. Abrar and Dr. Stoveland project status was discussed, the way forward. The Governor would identify more priority areas for Norplan to consider for planning water supplies. It was proposed that Damqul village near Maymana could be a joint project training ground and well as a NCA and NORPLAN jointly planned area for NCA implementation. The Governor would forward Faryab candidates for M.Sc. training in hydrogeology, and water supplies based on community managed and sustainable technical solutions for Faryab. A good meeting with strengthen path for coordination.
20 - Geophysical investigation training 10th June 2013

The training course in Geophysical Investigations has started. Participants from MRRD, MEW, DACAAR, NCA, RRD Faryab and 18 participants in all.

Andreas de Jong is responsible for the course and practical training which this time focuses on resistivity analysis.

The course in conducted in MRRD, RuWatSIP building and practicals in or arround MRRD compound.

Click here for more photos

19 - Training in Abu Dhabi 23-27th June

The key NORPLAN staff from Kabul, Deputy team leader Abrar and Prof Zarinkhail (local GIS Adviser) traveled to the NORPLAN office in Abu Dhabi to meet NORPLAN experts Runar Bergheim and Tor Gunnar Overli. The purpose was to receive special support for establishing the GIS system in Kabul and in particular how to transpose the hydrogeological maps into Web solutions. (Water user maps)

The visit was important to speed up the finalization of the GIS system to be used for hydro-geological data presented in GIS.

It was proposed to use open source software for the web map solutions which Runar Bergheim would prepare and which would be introduced to Afghanistan and supported by training courses. Open source software is free and thus can be used by anybody Afghanistan who is interested and in need of software for such Internet publications

18 - Government Director in position in Mid May 2013

Eng. Wali Hakami was recruited for the Government directorship in RuWatSIP and will work together with the program director Ghulam Qader in the department.

see organization diagram

17- First training course in hydrogeology: Groundwater Investigations 29.04.2013

The first of the planned training courses has now started. The course was opened by Dir, Qader, and has participants from MRRD,RRD Faryab, MEW, NCA, DACAAR and others. Prof. Eqrar had the technical control and the leading course presenter was prof. Dr. Najaf.

The one weeks course is arranged in the training facilities in the National Area based programme, MRRD.

More for more photos click here...

16 - Bridging workshop

Bridging workshop at MRRD Opened by Director Ghulam Qader, RuWatsip, Shinwari form Norwegian Embassy, Stoveland from NORPLAN, Director from Governors office in Faryab and many other participants from Faryab province, persons from MEW, DACAAR, HERVITIAS, NCA, MAIL,University, and others.

UNICEF participated and presented also their plans for GIS- database development for water supply functionality, water coverage and water quality nation data collection program under RuWatSIP.

15 - Meeting Chancellor of Kabul University 24th April 2013
Meeting the the Chancellor, Prof Dr.. Habibullah (Habib) to discuss the the application to NORHED, NORAD, for a 5 year M.Sc. and Ph.D. training for Afghan students within the field of climatic change and effect of sanitation. The project covers capacity building with Universities in Norway (UMB), Pakistan and Nepal. MRRD with its practical sector experience and link to the UN sanitation focus, can provide good training facilities, applied research and project experience for students while the students could provide input for training in MRRD and the water and sanitation sector in Afghanistan. In the photo, Director Ghulam Qader, RuWatSIP , MRRD and Dr Stoveland, NORPLAN discuss and agree of framework for cooperation and synergies between institutions if project application succeeded. Kabul University is very keen to participate in this programme though its Department of Environment. s
14- Field visit to Damqul, One of 3 priority rural settlements for development 22nd April
Outside Maymane are 4 villages growing fast and in need of water. This is a priority areas the PDC has indicated as settlements in need of support. Damqul was visited to make a preliminary assessment if the project staff considered this possible area for preparation of new plans for water supply. The DACAAR hydrogeologist collected water samples for analysis in Kabul. This appeared as a suitable candidate area for for further development. (see sub-menu Wat-San)
13- Project news flash April 2013
The Agreement between NORAD and MRRD was ratified by Special Procurement Committee (SPC) to endorse tax exception for goods and services procured under the agreement. A big challenge has been resolved.
12- Project news flash ..Meeting Governor in Faryab 23rd April

NORPLAN present the Hydrogeological project to the Provincial Development Council in Maymane, Faryab.

The Governor, Muhammadullah Batash, gave the project full support as a valuable project focussing on providing Knowledge and developing skills and tools to map and use the ground water resources in a good manner.

Governor emphasised importance of all we to to be sustainable. There were some disturbing examples in the province of water supplies built and dysfunctional. Care should be taken to assure this did not happen again.


11- Project news flash ..Flying to Maymane
The team travelling to Faryab to meet the PDC and the Governor were from left: En Naeem MRRD,, Team Leader NORPLAN S. Stoveland, Deputy TL N. Abrar, NORPLAN, Hydrogeologist Jalil, MRRD, Hydrogeologist Hassan from DACAAR,

While in Maymane, meetings were held with DACAAR, NCA and MRRD.

With the only hotel in Town fully booked, NCA was most generous with accommodation for all 5 from Kabul.

10-Project news flash 2rd April 2013

New Video screens installed in RuWatSIP conference room and in both the GIS-MIS office and in the NORPLAN office.

This should greatly assist in displaying the hydrogeological information and maps developed under the project.

9- Project news flash ..New Office for GIS-MIS at RuWatSIP

The NORPLAN office in RuWatSIP was crowed but now the office next door where the old archive used to be for RuWatSIP has been decorated and furnished for the GIS MIS activities in RuWatSIP.

Now all GIS- MIS personnel in RuWatSIP can sit together in one office for ease of coordination and planning.

Photo show Prof. Zhrinkhail now in his new office with dep. team leader Abrar Nor plan, the water tracker expert Rashid and the MIS assistant Amanuddin both the latter from RuWatSIP.

Office ready for use in March 2013

8- Project news flash ..Recruitment of Training expert in hydrogeology, geophysical exploration
Hydrogeologist Andreas de Jong approved by MRRD to join the NORPLAN team as key international resource person to provide practical expertise during the training courses planned in 2013 and 2014. ( see training and capacity building programme) 23rd Feb. 2013.
7- Project news flash .Vist to NORPLAN, Muscat office 16-18th Feb 2013

Team leader Svein Stoveland, visited Norplans office in Muscat,Oman, after the February visit to Kabul. The purpose was to explore utilising the expertise in that office covering GIS, database design and web posting of maps to support the hydrogeology project in Afghanistan.

Discussion focussed specifically on:

1) to facilitate a 2-3 day visit from Norplans Kabul office core personnel to give brief advise and training on how to boost the development of the GIS system design in Kabul.2) to discuss arranging a specialised training for GIS and Web based Map services to key specialists in MRRD and other key government offices utilising such information information systems for the water sector.

6- Project news flash . Snow and Rain Water samples for analysis to UK Jan.2013

First field samples from Faryab sent to international laboratory for analysis. Snow / rainwater to be checked for salts and other impurities which could migrate to ground waters.

Samples collected by DACAAR / Hassan & Co.

5- Project news flash. December 10th, 2012. New GIS- MIS full time adviser
Prof. S. Zarinkhail joined RuWatSIP and NORPLAN on a full time assignment as GIS- MIS technical adviser. Prof. Zarinhkail will be spending about 50% of this time on RuWatSIP MIS- GIS activities reporting to the Director in RuWatSIP. The remaining 50% of the time he will be developing the system design and data management for the hydro geological survey project implemented with the assistance of NORPLAN.
4- Project news flash .Annual Meeting MRRD- NORAD. 21st November 2012
Annual Meeting between MRRD and NORAD were held 24th November 2012. Focus was made on progress issues and agreements were made on how to make the constraints be resolved.
3- Project news flash ..3rd November 2012
Launch workshop in Maymane, Faryab held 3rd November 2012. From Kabul Eng. A. Safi and Dr. Taib (RuWatSIP), Eng. N. Abrar ( NORPLAN) and Hydrogeologist M.Hassan, (DACAAR)
2- Project news flash ..Inception workshop , 11- 12th February 2012

Hon. Minister, MRRD, and f Act. Ambassador from Norwegian Embassy. Ms Locken and More than 50 participants and workshop opened by

1- Project news flash ..First meeting with Director Qader, RuWatSIP by NORPLAN team
At project start up in February 2012 when local and international experts first visited Director Qader in RuWatSIP, MRRD and reported that the NORPLAN team was ready to start the project.
Project news flash